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PEACE Programs + YOU!

Do you know what we do here at PEACE? We wanted to share some information with you so that YOU can get to know us! By supporting this event, you are supporting our PEACE programs and contributing to the betterment of communities in Banderas Bay. Thank you for helping us help others!!

Ayuda a los Animales – Help the Animals

Responds to the challenges of the unwanted and unhealthy pet population in Mexico by providing education and free mobile spay/neuter programs.

Animal Clinic Snapshot:

  •  2 vets and 3 PEACE employees perform an average of 80 surgeries in 4 days
  • 80 families are introduced to PEACE Mexico
  • 4 days of animal education classes are provided for local children.

Orgullo en la Comunidad – Community Pride

This program helps create a sense of responsibility for environmental protection and community cleanliness through
recycling and community beautification projects completed by Work for Food participants and volunteers.

Work for Food snapshot:

  • 100 participants perform 200 hours of community beautification projects a week
  • 1000 meals are distributed to local families weekly
  • Streets & beaches are cleaned

Casa Comunidad – The Community House

This program focuses on educational opportunities in the community by working with the public school system. Dynamic educational experiences are provided for students, like After-School programs & creative workshops. Educational opportunities are also provided to youth and adults not enrolled in formal education.

Casa Comunidad Snapshot:

  • Each week 10+ children who were not previously enrolled in school, attend our Alternative School in Casa Campesina.
  • Each day, 3 staff members engage 90 students in 4 hours of dance & literary awareness with our Celebrate the Beat initiavtive.
  • Each year, 1000+ students in over 5 towns participate in environmental education.

Stay tuned for more quick facts about PEACE programs and how YOUR donation contributes to our mission. We are happy to have you as supporters and friends!!

                                                                                     THANK YOU!!!!



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